About Us:

Students at PS48 develop a love of learning, a commitment to community, and pride in seeing themselves meet their goals. These future leaders value the friendly and positive environment that surrounds them when they walk in the building - a building filled with committed staff, a strong parent association and peers that they collaborate with and learn from.  PS48 has been re-energized with a lively school spirit, in thanks to activities like themed “Fun Fridays”, morale-boosting pep rallies, celebrations of student work and friendly competitions. All students can find their place within these halls, whether they are interested in sports, performing arts, STEAM, cooking and so much more. Workspaces in and out of the classroom allow for individualized learning, from interactive boards to flexible seating and combinations of whole-class and small group teaching. Class settings include dual-language programs, inclusive education, and smaller class sizes; this allows all students at PS48 to get what they need to be successful.  We are a continuously evolving school with a focus on technology, allowing for better parent communication, and opportunities for interactive learning through programs such as MyOn and iReady. All of these assets help our students develop a “Growth Mindset”, setting them on the path to be responsible and accountable learners who are college and career ready!

A Message From Our Principal:

Dear Parents/Guardians, 

Welcome back to 2023-2024 school year! 

I would like to introduce myself, I am Camilo Mejia and I am the new Principal I.A. I have worked in District 6 for about 20 years as a teacher and assistant principal. I was born and raised in the Heights. Two of my children attended and graduated from PS 48. So, if I look familiar it is because I am. When my children attended, I saw the hard work and dedication from the staff at PS 48. I know that the staff here is still as dedicated to the students and the community. I know that together we can continue the success that the school has had and with each other’s support we can exceed our own expectations. 

Like many schools I know that we have plenty to do and that it won’t be easy at times. One thing I have learned that by working together anything can be accomplished and parents play a major role in our success. I know we are ready for the challenges of the 2023–2024 school year. Together we can overcome any obstacles that are thrown at us and together we can make this a fabulous year. 

So I want to thank you for your support and the support you give to the teachers. I also want to remind you that my office is always open. 


Camilo Mejia

School Vision