Math: The Envisions program is used through out grades k-5.

Reading & Writing: The MyView Literacy program is used through out grades k-5.

Phonics: The  Foundations program is used through out grades k-2.

Social Studies: The Passports to Social Studies program is used through out k-5.

Science: The Amplify program is used though out grades 3-5.


At P.S. 48M we recognize and encourage homework as a valuable extension of activities done in school. Homework is the responsibility of the student, we simply ask the parents to provide a quiet place and a regular time towards its completion. Parents may offer assistance, monitor, and discuss homework assignments but SHOULD NOT do the homework for the child. 

The purpose of homework is to:

  • Develop responsibilities throughout all grade levels. 
  • Friday  homework assignments are up to teacher discretion and should be completed if assigned.

Additionally, the homework timeframe for students is as follows: